Maternity Sailing Shoot – A Real Surprise

A beautiful going to be a mom, her adoring husband, a talented photographer and a camera.

The result is? It is a maternity shoot of a couple on the water that cannot be forgotten soon.

JoAnn Marrero is a professional photographer who is associated with a firm “Labor to Love Photography” she told BabyCenter with whom she is associated that the concept of a photo shoot on a sailboat was actually a long time in the making. Earlier, she has scheduled a shoot a sunset maternity sailing with one his client, Erin. “I perfectly planned the entire thing, bought some new dresses for the shoot, did some makeover etc. After then she went into labor just before a month on the day we were supposed to shoot on the sailboat!”

“After then I came across Tara and her loving husband and this is how this story of shoot begins,” JoAnn informed us about this shoot. “Her father has a boat and that she loves boating, so for the shoot, they were the apt couple!”

As an enthusiastic boater myself, this unique idea hit in mind. To me, shoot of a maternity on the water makes so much sense, because there is nothing more natural and calming than being near water, a sentiment reflected in the facial expressions of Tara and her body language.

They both agreed to this idea and after the preparation of almost one month, the shoot of this couple started. It was astonishing and extraordinary. The shoot was done in both ways from a still camera and drone. The video shoot was done with the help of drone that give it a wider and complete natural look.

Tara and her husband felt very comfortable while the shoot and also after the shoot.