69 Yachts To Take Part In Cobh-To-Blackrock Race

The annual sailing race Cobh-to-Blackrock is back and this time there will be over 69 fleets that will be taking part in this prestigious race.

This race was one that signaled the end of the sailing season in the Cork Harbor some time ago. But, it is no longer the season ending fixture in Cork Harbor.

These days the sport has expanded and has moved on to the month of December. It has become a full year sport for many types of dinghies and cruisers. Despite so many races and events happening for the sailors, the demand for taking part in the Cobh-to-Blackrock Race is still on. The sailors feel it as a prestigious event and one that caters to all types of sailing boats. You will find dinghies to racers to cruisers in this event.

The Cobh-to-Blackrock Race is an event where boats of all sizes and shapes will assemble off Cobh and make their way to the city.

The race will commence off the Cobh Promenade and the organizers of the race Cove Sailing Club will start off the event with the day boats and dinghies. This will be followed by the gun start for the White Sail and this will be followed by the Class 1 or 2 or 3 cruisers and then the sport boats. The course route will be an upriver route when it starts at Cobh and it will finish at Blackrock Castle. There might be an inclusion of an extra leg for certain classes depending on the weather conditions.

The race time has been chosen in such a way by keeping the tide in mind. This will help in easily carrying the boats that are sailing in the race towards the Blackrock Castle, the end point of the race. The 69 fleets are very much excited to be part of the race.